Activities for early years

We can offer tailor made sessions but the general themes are listed below. Activities from one theme can be put together with those from other themes.

  • Barney's bear hunt Barney's bear hunt

    ​Bring your own teddy on your trip and explore the woods. Hunt for Barney and his friends hiding in the woods, and then build them a home to live in.

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  • Gruffalo trail Gruffalo trail

    ​Come and follow the trail of the Gruffalo in the woods and meet his friends. Build a log home for snake and visit fox’s friends home of a badger.

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  • Munching minibeasts Munching minibeasts

    ​Search through the woodland to find the hiding places of the munching minibeasts and the creepy crawly caterpillar. Build a homes for the minibeasts you find or create your own from clay, sticks and leaves.

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  • Nature's artists Nature's artists

    ​Visit the local woods and look at the amazing array of colours nature has to offer. Paint with mud and use natural materials to create a masterpiece. Get your hands dirty and make clay faces on trees.

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  • Sensational senses Sensational senses

    ​Take a trip to the woods and use your senses to discover more about the environment around you. Try our texture treasure hunt or have a go at making some perfumed potions or smelly cocktails.

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  • Themed day Themed day

    ​Come for a day to fit in with your pre-school or nursery theme. We are happy to design new themes if you give us enough notice, please contact us for details.

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  • Wonderful woods Wonderful woods

    ​Visit the local woods and discover who lives there. Visit the badger sett and look at what they eat and follow the paths to find his friends homes. Build a nest for the birds and hunt for ‘food’ for them. Discover trees and leaves and learn about camouflage.

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