Forest School

Everdon Outdoor Learning Centre runs a Forest School which is available for pre-schools, nurseries and schools. We have a dedicated Forest School site near Daventry but may be able to provide programmes at a suitable site local to you.

What is a Forest School?

A Forest School offers a specialised learner-centred approach that provides opportunities to experience hands-on learning in a woodland or natural wooded area whatever the weather!

It involves regular, repeated visits, usually for half a day, once a week which are led by a qualified forest school leader who is trained in providing a supportive learning environment.

Forest School build on the natural instinct to learn, to make choices, initiate learning, understand and manage risks, and encourage positive attitudes and behaviour. It focusses on holistic development and stimulates independent thinking.

Activities are child-centred and child-led and natural resources are used to stimulate imagination, creativity and investigation. We can provide experiences such as den building, exploring the woodlands, climbing trees and cooking on fire.

A teacher leading a class of children at Forest School

Benefits of Forest School

Research has shown that there are many benefits of attending a Forest School including improved:


It enables emotional growth, self-reliance, time and space to learn and demonstrate independence.

Social skills

An increased ability to build relationships and develop cooperative skills.


Increased language development.


An increased ability to participate and concentrate over longer periods of time.

Physical skills

Improved development of physical stamina and gross and fine motor skills.

Knowledge and understanding

An interest in the natural surroundings and respect for the environment.

How much does it cost?

  • £6.00 per child per session for six sessions
  • £8.50 including transport (for up to 14 children) per child per session for six sessions
  • Adults come free

Session times

​Morning​9:30am to midday

​1:00pm to 3:30pm

What do you need to bring?

All you have to do is make sure that the children bring a snack, a change of clothes and the items listed below:

  • coat
  • gloves and scarf in cold weather
  • jumper
  • long trousers (summer and winter)
  • sun hat or warm hat
  • wellingtons or shoes / trainers if dry weather (no open-toed shoes or sandals)
  • two pairs of socks in winter for additional warmth

We provide the children with protective clothing such as waterproof jackets and trousers if needed, and any equipment for the activities.

You must ensure you have enough adults (not including our Ranger) to maintain any required ratios for the safety of the children.


Our team of qualified and experienced Rangers work with the children throughout the session and each Ranger is DBS cleared. Settings are required to ensure they conduct their own risk assessments and make arrangements for First Aid for their group.

How to book

To book or to find out more information please fill out an enquiry form.

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